Sunday , March , 29 2020
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 *** Please Read ***

This Driver Profile is completely separate from the one you use to register for events on Nothing in this profile is used for maintaining your NASA membership.

This is the first step in completing your new NASA Great Lakes Driver Profile. All items on this page are required. Hover over the help icons below for additional item information. Once you have registered and responded to the confirmation email, please take a few moments to review the "Profile FAQ". It contains information that will help you complete your profile and take advantage of the community resources.

The "User Name" below is used for logging into the system. The "Display Name" is used by the website messaging system. This name MUST be unique on the system but can be the same as your User Name if it is available.

If you are a Volunteer or NASA Team member and do not fall into one of the "Driver" classifications but would still like a member profile, we have provided a classification for you. This way you can take advantage of the messaging and community sections of the website.

*Note: Membership to this website is verified. Once your account information has been submitted, you will receive an email containing a link that you can use to verify your account. All fields marked with a red asterisk are required. (Note: - Registration may take several seconds. Once you click the Register button please wait until the system responds.)

Enter a user name. It must be at least five characters long and is must be an alphanumeric value.
Enter your password.
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Enter a display name.
Enter a valid email address.
Enter your NASA Member Number.
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Select your classification. Please leave the visibility setting of this item set to Public.
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