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Saturday , July , 20 2024
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NASA Great Lakes Region HPDE Instructor Program



Welcome to the NASA Great Lakes region Instructor program page!


2024 NASA GL Instructor Driving and Experience Requirements:

-A minimum of 4X driving in NASA GL HPDE 4 run group events or equivalent*

-6 or more total NASA GL events or equivalent*

-A minimum of 3 or more tracks/NASA GL events at different tracks*

*Or at the discretion of NASA GL Chief Instructors


The path to becoming a NASA Great Lakes Instructor includes the 15 steps below.  We call new instructors "Instructor Candidates".  Instructor Candidates take an on-line certifications (MSF level 1), an e-Classroom, perform on track role play practice in April at Mid-O, attend instructor morning meetings and interface with a senior instructor or "mentor".  Mentors are MSF Level 2 Certified and are our more experienced senior instructors.  Please read the following steps below and follow the process.  You'll see that you'll be notifying me once you complete your on-line MSF Level 1. This is step 2 below.  You'll want to plan on following ALL the 15 steps below.  Jump on getting that MSF Level 1 certification and get that back to me as soon as you can.  Take initiative and start the program today----you'll be a better instructor when you start in early and begin studying and learning our process.


NASA GL Instructor Candidate process:


Step 1Read Ross Bentley's Instructor Manifesto and immediately afterward take the MSF Level 1 certification.  There is a one time fee of $50 for this payable to the Motorsports Safety Foundation (MSF).  You'll need a MotorsportReg account for this.  Follow the link above which will guide you through the level 1 process.  Level 1 is a Nationally recognized certification.  It is your link to being seen by other NASA and other HPDE organizations as a certified level 1 instructor.  See link above for more details and taking your level 1.  Note that when you sign up for Level 1 using MotorSport.Reg you'll need to wait a day or three for your quiz password.  Didn't get a password or forgot your password?  Please contact MSR Registar Chuck Tucker.  He can be reached at:

Step 2:  Submit your completed MSF Level 1 certificate to Eric MeyerThis action formally gets you into our NASA GL instructor program.  I wil record your certification in the database and direct you to the next steps (see below).

Step 3Join our NASA GL Instructor facebook group and the 3,000+ member HPDE Instructor facebook group.  These are fantastic resources and a great way to connect to your fellow NASA GL Instructor team members.  Here is another good fbook page for safety information and industry news:

Step 4Once in HPDE 4, you can receive an Instructor referral letter from Eric Meyer to get your feet wet instructing with other non-NASA GL organizations.  Jeff Henderson and I want you to go out and get your feet wet instructing.  This is not a requirement but rather an opportunity to get your feet wet and learn something before our required April and May Mid-Ohio dates.  Get your MSF L 1 and I'll help you get instructor experience---not education, experience.  If you need more info on this, email me. You need only to ask me for this and I'll write one up.  You will not get an instructor referral letter unless you ask for one.

Step 5Sign up for the NASA GL Instructor e-Course ($75).  Be ready to learn.  The better instructor candidates will take the e-Course in the Winter months and then refer to it for the April Mid-Ohio 2024 and May Mid-Ohio 2024.  When you've completed the e-Course, email me a copy of your graduation certificate.

Step 6Receive your Instructor Candidate handbook 3 ring binder from Eric in the mail.  This is your guide to success.  Study it well and bring it with you to both the Winter Meetup, April and May Mid-Ohio events.  We are an OPEN BOOK program and you will refer to this handbook often during your time as both an Instructor Candidate and also as an offical NASA Great Lakes Instructor.  If you haven't sent me your home or business mailing address, please do so now.

Step 7Be prepared for an informal Zoom video call Tuesday, Feb 27th at 8 PM Eastern with Co-Chief Instructors Eric Meyer, Jeff Henderson, Mike Jobe and Tim Fokine.  This is an informal way to meet your instructor brothers, get some information on the program and answer any questions you might have.  Zoom call link:

Step 8:  Be prepared to attend one of our two Winter Instructor meetups with training, fun and to meet our team.  You are welcome to attend both if you like.  They are Saturday March 2nd at Co-Chief Instructor Jeff Henderson's home which is about 1 hour South of downtown Chicago.  The other instructor meetup is in Columbus Ohio on Saturday, March 16th.  See more details via email and on the Facebook NASA GL instructors page (your best source for information about our instructor program).

Step 9Buy a communicator.  There are two prevailing and great quality communicators.  One of them is more popular and is offered by our Track Vendor:  Track First.  This is the SPEEDCOM Unit.  They always have spare headsets for sale at the track and batteries should yours go dead.  Please try to offer them your business as they are trying hard to support us at track events.  The link to the comm system is here:  Keep in mind that you'll need both a headset for yourself and one for your student,  Buy some extra AA batteries just to have them around.  Bring your communicator to the April Mid-Ohio event.  Don't wait to the last minute to buy a communicator because most instructors do wait and supplies go zero balance/out of stock.  Buy one today.  Bring it to the April Part 1 HPDE 1 Audit program.  The other communicator to check out is the Trac Com.  Both are very good.  SpeedCom is supported with spares by our local track supplies vendor Track First.

Step 10Sign up for April Instructor Program Part 1.  This has you attending a Friday on track session with a mentor in a 4 passenger or more vehicle.  This exposes you to what good instruction looks like.  For Saturday you'll be in the HPDE 1 classroom all day takihg notes and following a form that will be in your 3 ring binder.  On Sunday you can drive for free in HPDE 4.  This cost of this audit is $25 total for all 3 days.  This 2 day audit presents to you our HPDE 1 Instructor process.  This 2 day event is held at Mid-Ohio every year in April.  You'll be very busy your entire Friday and Saturday.  You do not need a track car unless you want to drive in HPDE 4 on Sunday.  A $25 registration fee covers Friday and Saturday and if you want to drive in HPDE 4 on Sunday that's fine.  You can also go home if you like after Saturday.  Your choice.  This Audit is a one time effort and allows you to understand how our HPDE 1 classroom is aligned with your on-track instructing efforts.  You as an instructor are an extension of the classroom.  This is excellent practice for your upcoming Friday ITS where you will be right seat instructing for the entire day---6 role plays.  Bring your communicator.  You do not need a car for our April training event.  

Step 11Part 2.   Sign up for the May Mid-Ohio Friday ITS.  Sign up for the NASA GL future ITS (Instructor Training School) AND Instructor driving in HPDE 4.   Contact Eric Meyer if you have any questions as this is sometimes a bit confusing for the first time Instructor.  This cost is either $349 for all instructor candidates and $50 for existing NASA Instructors.  You will need to provide a 2 seat (or more) HPDE 1 car for this May event.  This vehicle is the responsibility of the instructor candidate.   No SUV's or trucks.  See Eric for details.

Step 12:  Instructor Candidate Zoom call #2.  Tuesday, May 14th at 8 pm Eastern.  Zoom call link:

Step 13You will be assigned one HPDE 1 student for the May Mid-O Sat and Sun weekend.  You will find in your Instructor Candidate education 3 ring binder that you'll need to reach out to your assigned student via email BEFORE the event and then follow up with a phone call.  Instructions for this will be in your 3 ring binder that I will mail to you.

Step 14Successfully complete the Friday one day ITS.  That same weekend you'll have one HPDE 1 student on Sat and Sun!  

Step 15I will forward your name and info to the Motorsport Safety Foundation.  MSF will activate your HPDE 1 account so that you can pay the $35 Level 2 fee.  This earns you your Level 2 Instructor status and puts you into a National database.  This database tells other Chief Instructors and event organizers that you have completed the Level 2 requirements.  This Level 2 certification requirement allows you to be considered by several organizers and instruct with them/for them.  Please understand that each club and organization does things differently and your Level 2 status does not automatially earn you entry into their program.  It gives you a certified credential but not an automatic entry into thier program.  Each region and club is different.  Most prioritize your certification over other visiting instructors who do not have this cert.  Additionally, you will receive your NASA National instructor license ($0).


Congrats!  You are now an MSF Level 2 certified NASA GL Instructor!!!  Register for all the future events you plan on attending ASAP!  Do you have more questions?  Check out our FAQ page here.



NASA GL Instructor Resources and tools you should be familiar with:



Are you ready to get started?  Please send me an email at: and we can get you on your way.






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