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Saturday , July , 20 2024
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What is NASA?

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) was formed in 1991 to deliver high quality motorsports events to enthusiasts at major racing venues throughout the nation. NASA has created programs that allow owners of both racecars and high-performance street-driven vehicles to enjoy the full performance capabilities of their cars in a safe and controlled environment. NASA offers many different programs that will allow you to enjoy motorsports on a number of different levels, including our High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), Rally Sport, Time Trial, NASA-X and Competition Racing programs.  HPDE is not timed, racing or a competitive event.  HPDE is a driver educaiton program.

How can I participate?

Whether your interest lies in high performance driving, competing for the fastest lap, racing wheel to wheel or just being close to the action, NASA has a place for you. To get started, explore the different topics in this section. NASA relies heavily on its corp of volunteers. Earn track time for yourself or someone else by volunteering. Take a look at the "Getting Started" video series below.

NASA Great Lakes HPDE 1 Introduction
NASA Great Lakes HPDE System | HPDE 1 through HPDE 4

Driver Groups Overview

So what driving series is right for you?

That all depends on you interest skill level. We have different classes for all of your ambitions and experience. Most of our Drivers start in NASA Cross or HPDE and work their way up. One of NASA's strongest benefits is that we offer a ladder system to match your skill level.


  • "I just wanted to give you a little feedback about the weekend at MO. Overall, I think NASA, you and everyone involved did an outstanding job. The weather absolutely sucked, yet the NASA folks handled it without any problems. At least none that were noticed by my HPDE fellow students. I really liked the HPDE format of requiring students to be at the debriefing in order to get a ticket for the next session. I think this helps keep the HPDE group aware of changing rules/environment. Jim was an outstanding classroom instructor. Easy to listen to without being boring. I'm looking forward to more of his instruction. As for my instructor, Cliff "The Stig" Ching, he was superb! Easy to chit-chat with but not a chatterbox, calm on the track but providing great feedback. Plus his wealth of racing experience made it a pleasure to hear how he has handled certain driving situations. He has great, "no pressure" attitude that makes it very relaxing on the track. I've had other instructors who get frustrated over small things and make you feel inferior. Cliff was just the opposite. He made things very comfortable for me, which in turn, allowed me to concentrate on getting smoother on the track, which I did. Please let your staff know that they made my first NASA experience a fantastic one and I look forward to seeing everyone at my next NASA event." Todd J

  • "Thanks for a great weekend of meeting new drivers and the challenge of on-track HPDE. Your program is the best and funest..!!"

  • "You made me discover a new passion that I am sure is going to change my life forever"

  • "I had a blast this weekend at RA (Road America)!!! Thanks for the food Saturday. This was my first NASA event with limited previous driving experience under my belt. I ran HPDE 2 and I was very impressed with the download sessions making sure me and my peers are at the appropriate level, and staying safe." – Robert

  • "The weekend was a blast. It was well organized and professional ..thanks to you and Linda...I look forward to seeing you at Road America in Aug. and Putnam again in Oct. [My Wife] will be volunteering again at both events.. Let me know if we can do any thing to help." AS,MO

  • "Three of us made the trip down to Ohio from upper Michigan for the two day HPDE event and had a blast. On top of all the driving activity I won the free track weekend at the Saturday night raffle, it was a great weekend." Steve L, MI

  • "Great event, I actually enjoyed having more cars on the track. Excellent weekend, excellent leadership." Paul M

  • "Just wanted to let you know what a great weekend I had at Autobahn! This was the first time on the track for both the car and me. The event was way over my expectations. Dan Fargo was my instructor who also drives a SM. It was a perfect fit for my needs. Dan is incredible instructor. He got me to levels I never expected in one weekend." Scott D

  • "My Brother Brian and I just completed the three day weekend at Mid-Ohio in HDPE 3, and I wanted to let you know we had an absolute blast. My Brother's comment to my parents that also came to see us was that this was his best weekend of racing with NASA ever, and I have to agree." Eric K

  • "The Rat Racing Graphics numbers were awesome. They looked great, stayed on the car for the whole weekend, came off with ease leaving no residue, and were very reasonably priced." Eric K

  • "It (Comp School) was definitely not a walk in the park but it also wasn't so daunting as to make it unenjoyable. Bottom line is I learned a lot from Chuck, Dave and yourself and I am already applying it..." Dave F

  • "...first time I had tried road racing. I was in HPDE1. I was there and stayed all 3 days. What a great experience!!"

  • "...my instructor, he did an absolutely GREAT job, super helpful, very polite, a pleasure to work with."

  • "The infrastructure was impressive and the sessions were well organized and, for the most part, on-time. Better than some Pro Rally weekends which are much more dependent on time!"

  • "Delivery on what is promised. I had certain expectations for the weekend based on conversations beforehand. Even though nothing was guaranteed, all my expectations were fulfilled.(and beyond)"

  • "Many organizations are willing to 'look the other way' so as to not anger members. I don't see that with NASA...If I break the rule, I (can) expect the punishment as stated in the CCR."

  • "...your 'ladder' system is fair and allows all types of drivers and all types of cars to 'compete' at the level the driver feels comfortable."

  • "Haven't raced for almost 30 years but although not exactly like riding a bike, this HPDE deal is GREAT!"


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