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Wednesday , June , 19 2024
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NASA Great Lakes Region FAQ Page


Q:  What does the instructor program cost?

A:  $75 for the on-line classrooom program.  $25 for the 2 day HPDE 1 audit (April Mid-Ohio) and $349 the actual ITS Friday in May at Mid-Ohio.  Add to this about 10 hours of home study spread out over a few months.


Q:  When can I start the program?

A:  Anytime you are in HPDE 3.  Things don't start happening until you're in HPDE 4.


Q:  What are my instructing responsibilities?

A:  You will receive one HPDE 1 student per weekend and instruct them 4 times on Saturday and 4 times on Sunday.  In the event your student advances, you'll have other duties.


Q:  What is my first step?

A:  Your first step is to follow the outline here


Q:  How much do I save on entry fees?

A:  Normal entry fees are in the $400-500 range (non-Instructor).  As an instructor you'll pay $0 for Instructor driving in HPDE 4 and $50 for Instructor driving in TT or race.


Q:  How long does the program take to complete?

A:  This depends on how frequently you attend NASA GL events.  Using simple math and starting in HPDE 3, you'll need at least 5 events in HPDE 3 and 6 events or equivalent in HPDE 4 at a minimum.  This is designed so that you gain much valuable experience as all instructors need to be experienced.  You can start the program when you're in HPDE 3 however you cannot take your ITS (Instructor Training School) until you have attended 6 HPDE 4 events or equivalent.  See Eric Meyer for more details.





Instructor Learning Resources:



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